Ch. Akadia Prickly Pear
Little Pear finished her Championship in 2021. Not bad for a barely 14' girl. She is OFA excellent and eye clear, CEA clear, CNGA-PRA clear, DM clear/carrier, MDR1 clear/carrier, VWD clear, DMS aaBb.
                                    Lochlyn American Dream
                         Ch. Lochlyn Dream Catcher
                                     Lochlyn Dream On
                     NBISS GCh. Rosmoor Mojave ROM
                                     GCh. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm ROM
                         GCh. Rosmoor Shaizach Starlet ROM
                                     Ch. Shaizach Irridescent
Ch. Akadia Prickly Pear
                                     Ch. Apple Acres Greatest Hits
                          GCh. Apple Acres Classic Rock
                                     Apple Acres Practically Purple
                       Ch. Akadia-Apple Acres Forever N Always
                                    Ch. Sumersong Secret Weapon
                          Ch. Akadia Blue Bombshell
                                   Ch. Lacewood Cassiopiea