"Brandon" won both majors at his first 2 dog shows as a puppy, then because of COVID, he had to wait to be shown. He finished in his first 4 shows out at 18 months old.
 Brandon has been having his tests done and is OFA Excellent, CEA-n, CNGAL-n, DM-n, DMS- 2:01/002:01/aabb, MDR1-n and Vwd-n. Basically he has passed everything!
Bi-factored and presumed NWF
GCh. Akadia Forged in Fire
                Ch. Montage Booty Call ROM
         Ch. Elbee Push for Play
                Elbee Your Attitude is Showing
  GCh. Akadia-Syringa Night Shade
                Ch. Macdega Notorious ROM
         Akadia-Syringa Pocket Full O Posies (mjr ptd)
                Ch. Syringa-Akadia Witch One ROM

 GCh. Akadia Forged In Fire

                GCh. Syringa Treasure Trove ROM
         GCh. Syringa-Akadia The Corsair
                Ch. Syringa-Akadia Witch One ROM
   Ch. Syringa Fairy Tails
                Ch. Springmist I Like It, I Love It ROM
         Syringa R U Gonna Kiss Me Or Not (mjr ptd)
                Akadia Little Gothic Girl