"Puffin" is a total favorite of mine. She reminds me so much of GCh. Akadia Totally Intoxicating, who is her great, great granddam.
She is co-bred with Carol Howell.
After an accident as a puppy left her with a broken leg, I wasn't sure she would be a show girl but her first shows out after healing, she wins her first major!
                       Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair ROM
                Ch. Okie's Kell Wild Wild West ROM
                       Okie Cowgirl Get Th' Blues 
      Ch. Kell Whispering Will.I.Am
                       GCh. Windrush Aynsworth Night Sky 
                Ch. Kell Little Black Dress
                       GCh. Kell Lil' Sure Shot 
                       BISS Ch. Macdega Notorious ROM
                BIS/BISS GCh. Mistybrooks Panda Crossing
                      BISS Ch. Imagine Dangerous Curves
      Akadia-Syringa I Do D'Clare
                      BISS Ch. Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM
                Akadia Little Gothic Girl
                     GCh. Akadia Totally Intoxicating
Akadia Puffin Apparrel