"Rebel" comes to us through the generosity of Tracy Gensler. Already a show girl and pointed, we plan to have a nice litter out of her then hit the rings in pursuit of her championship. All genetic testing done and CHIC
BISS GCh. Attridge National Treasure ex Kell Moonspinner
Kyrie Pitch Perfect
                BIS/BISS GCh. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm CD ROM
         BISS Ch. Macdega Notorious ROM
                Ch. Fantasia Affair of the Heart
  BISS GCh. Attridge National Treasure
                Ch. Attridge Windy City ROM
         Ch. Attridge Audacious
                Attridge Freezing Potion
Kyrie Pitch Perfect

                BISS Ch. Aynsworth Silver Moonlight ROM
         Ch. Aynsworth No Moon Tonight ROM
                Ch. Odyssey Fashion Statement ROM
   Kell Moonspinner
                BISS Ch. Okies Kell Wild Wild West ROM
         Whispering Gunpowder and Lead
                Whispering Odyssey Infatuation